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Enjoy and share! About Nagham Wehbe: Nagham is an artist and human rights advocate. Her recent production was the hit play Confessions of an Arab Woman adapted from the award winning memoir of Joumana Haddad.


She is in training to become a certified Emotional intelligence and leadership life coach and finishing her Communication Management Masters Degree at USC. She teaches folk dance and cultural theater, hosts network events and workshops, and is the director of the Arab Film Festivals in L. She is a big believer in collaborations and action as a way of making a difference wether it is organizing an event or putting on a play.

Log In Sign Up. Do we want certain things because we think we're supposed to or a person or institution government, religion, school, etc taught us that's "how things work".

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Once we can identify the belief systems we operate under and determine whether or not we actually want to live this way - we have CHOICE. Storytelling and justice is at the heart of her work. She co-produced , a feature film by Ben Snyder and Ari Issler. She has also co-edited four books: We Got Issues! Today's guest, Karen Hawkwood is one of those people I've never met in real life but somehow have a deep kinship with. I LOVE the way this woman's mind and heart come together to articulate the nuance and complexity of life's realest issues. Her big truth was that most people are cowards, meaning--most people are not in integrity.

From there we discussed:. This one is definitely a listen more than once, take notes, invite your friends, and take your time to process it kind of conversation. She sees more about you than you really want her to, and then uses that to pave your path into the darkness, and through it to where you become All Of You At Once. She'll see all the way to your bones and then light them on fire so they illuminate you like a lamp. She promises nothing, offers an odd assortment of things you didn't know you wanted, and occasionally drops a jewel or a small bird.

Her methods involve measurable things like coaching, astrology, intellect, and vulgar language, and much more erratic and dubious things like hearing spider feet, consorting with mythical creatures, sending flowers down in the well bucket and drawing up strange songs, and laughing at her own jokes. Today's episode goes deep into unhealthy relationship patterns, abuse and victimhood. What I loved about our guest Avery Neal, is her whip smart, compassionate and gentle demeanor while navigating an intense topic.

Her truth was about the resilience of the human spirit. From there we explored: -Big hard words - abuse and victim - and why it's important to use them, unpack them and own them when applicable -Striking a balance between sussing out your partner's issues and your own issues -Behavioral patterns of abusers and how to spot the warning signs -Behavioral patterns of "victims" or those susceptible to abusive partnerships -Lots of examples from her practice and more gems from her book.

Be gentle with yourself if it hits the mark for you and as always, do not hesitate to contact us or reach out if you need help. Since I spoke out about my own abusive relationship last year, I've received so many messages from others sharing their stories. This topic is a really close one to my heart.

She has worked extensively with women suffering from prenatal anxiety and postpartum depression in addition to helping women recovering from divorce and healing from emotional abuse. She is passionate about empowering women discover their own inner strength, leading to higher self-esteem, confidence and overall life satisfaction. Her articles and interviews have been published by Oprah.

In , the International Association of HealthCare Professionals nominated her as one of the top psychologists in Houston.

I got to chat with today's guest, Amber Rae right on the heels of her new book coming out. We explored a ton of things related to life and creativity. Her big truth was around the truths she doesn't want to look at. She asked the question, "Do you tell your journal the truth? From there we talked about: -Capitalism -How wonder is curiosity in action -Being slightly more curious than afraid -How wonder helps with negative emotions -The difference between fear and intuition -Developing characters to relate to yourself objectively -Identifying our "creative aches" and more Whether you live a creative life or not, there are so many gems in this discussion about navigating the things that keep us from our fullest love, expression and joy everyday.

Her writing blends raw, personal storytelling with actionable aha! Her public art has spread to more than 20 countries, and she's spoken to and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple, Amazon, and Unilever.

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Previously, Amber helped launch six best-selling books as Chief Evangelist of Seth Godin's publishing experiment and started an "accelerator for your life" called The Bold Academy. Her truth was that relationships have become much more complicated these days.

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Clarissa Silva is a Behavioral Scientist, Researcher, and Relationship Coach with 17 years of experience in mental health, behavioral science, and public health. She is the founder of C Silva Solutions, LLC, a research and consulting firm that provides evidence-based solutions to companies and individuals.

Her work focuses on research and data-driven techniques that she developed to help clients with creating relationship wellness in their lives.

Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto

Today's guest, Amy Ahlers is a two-time author and a total spitfire. Our conversation was super charged and we explored a lot of things that are up in our culture, our lives and the climate of the coaching industry right now. Her truth was around celebrating the truths and paradoxes of life and embracing both the magical and the messy. That might sound a bit "airy fairy" but it wasn't even close to that.

During this conversation we got into: -White fragility and privilege and the problem with "colorblindness" -HOW we've been unpacking these things in our own lives and businesses -Her core work around the "inner mean girl" and when that shows up -Big fat lies women tell themselves -The antidote to self-bullying -Being a mom to girls and how to navigate obectification -How your social media behavior reflects your values.

Amy Ahlers , the Wake-Up Call Coach, is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and master life coach with nearly two decades of experience.

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Amy is on a mission to stop ambitious women from being so darn hard on themselves so they can rise, shine and lead. After a successful sales-executive career, Amy became a Certified Life Coach over 17 years ago. Amy's been featured on stages at places like Google, Wisdom 2. Amy is also passionate about empowering high-achieving women, moms, and rising visionaries to build their business, marketing and leadership skills so they can own their brilliance.

Amy's own journey from a small one on one coaching practice to best-seller author and multi-six-figure business owner, has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This was one of those interviews that I didn't want to end. I enjoyed today's guest Luna Love so much. Her big truth was around the body and mind being colonized. We explored: -The European standard of beauty. She assists women ready to share their gifts in the world to achieve clear vision and aligned action, by providing supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools and spiritual wisdom.

http://gatsbynewhomes.com/an-introduction-to-delay-differential.php Luna is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation amongst people and environments. I love today's guest, Nada Lena.