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But i want his attention all the time and i keep on telling him that. These are some of the questions with which astrology is, in fact vitally related. The most popular one is about the race between the animals. In libra, venus is moving on air, concepts, the idea of fairness in all things. Difficult for taurus, so finding a regular sex partner is particularly important.

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People will become greedy and will not love each other. Et's start with the ascendant. Then, after the bill is delivered, the waiter can say, so, you tried 4, but it's nothing compared to 6.

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The fact that she wound up going from the feminine face of God to playing second fiddle to Eve, endows her with traits of rejection, rivalry, jealousy, and competition. When the Nicaean bishops turned her into a promiscuous, lust-filled bitch, Lilith became the biblical bad girl. While Eve seduced Adam with the apple and may very well have had her faults, she was Little Bo-Peep compared to Lilith.

In a horoscope, whether it be natal, transiting, or progressed, regardless of whether we are talking to a male or a female, a strongly accented Lilith produces themes that color the experience of the individual with themes of rejection, rivalry, jealousy, competition, and all forms of third-party interference.

Let me give you just one example. I did a reading for a woman whose Lilith aspects made it clear that her parents were involved in a triangular situation of some kind. I could see that she had been raised in the middle of a lot of third party complications. Her transits and progressions showed that she was involved in a love affair. Being married with 3 kids, her questions revolved around what to do about this triangle. Her marriage, and her need to maintain that commitment was rooted in the need to not turn into her parents, and to create a familial scene that would shield her kids from what for her was the stigma of being a bastard, from a broken home.

Conjunct the Ascendant she causes the native to feel rejected as a total person — from birth.

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The Midheaven is the career point and when Lilith is conjunct that point, it means that the person is extremely competitive in the career area. There are times when it implies that as a child the native played the Lilith role with their parents. Lilith in hard aspect to the asteroid Apollo says that the individual repeatedly finds themselves in situations where they are bound to be rejected. If that had been the case perhaps we would never have forgotten that both the male and the female are equal, and that each polarity has its place, or its part to play in the creation of Unity and Oneness.

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For some reason everyone wants a piece of you, and people are coming around, promising you the Moon. Things like this are intoxicating. The tendency to over-inflation is easier to monitor when you go back to square-one and remember who you were before all of this took off.

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You see that those closest to you are either totally stuck, or ready to embrace newness and change. It seems to be your job to love everyone, in spite of themselves. This has put you in a position of needing to let things be, with the understanding that people have their own lessons, and figure out how to work things out in their own good time. God knows what happened, but you're full of ideas. Regardless of what prompted the urge to get on the ball, you guys have it made!

As far as that goes, the need to stay realistic and humble is essential.

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Instead of going at it with a lot of fanfare, know that it's your job to keep the joy alive and let God handle the details.