Astrology for march 13 birthday

Planetary Row

Very peacefully disposed. Try to circumvent acute situations. And if it is necessary to step aside or recognize themselves as the losing side, in order to avoid conflict.

⑬ Numerology Number 13. Secrets of your Birthday

Not infrequently, they can anticipate events, therefore, their opinion is not bad to listen to. People born on this day are very resistant. They can survive a series of tragic events and not break. All difficulties will be perceived as a test that must be overcome. As such situations ruled, they only strengthen their character, making people born on this day more persistent. They often learn about their capabilities after experiencing tragic moments that temper their will. In communication with people they lack softness.

Sabian Symbol

They often behave stricter than they really are. Especially not in a hurry if someone needs their help. They love loneliness, which helps to focus on things that are important to them. They rarely make real friends. You can rely on those who are in their surroundings. They are indifferent to material wealth. Individuals born on March 13th are full of faith and it can be said that throughout life they changed the course of events of chance.

Most people born on this day strongly believe in predetermined events, moreover, are likely to make predictions about the world and the lives of others. Often they present their analysis on the world and on its problems. Natives with a higher intellectual level are attracted to philosophy, spirituality, theoretical speculation and scientific or analytical systems. They tend to worship the human mind and what it can produce, but still retain a greater reverence for the universe to which they belong.

Birthday Horoscopes March

People born on this day, especially men are able to survive situations that for others would be true disasters. Individuals of both sexes born on March 13th can accept the blows of destiny without complaint and continue to live extraordinarily creative and productive lives. In many cases, the natives do not become fully aware of their talent and luck only after a few special experiences.

Such circumstances are useful tests, a kind of baptism or rite of passage that enhances evolution, instils them pride and courage to face future difficulties.


It is even possible to better understand themselves and realize what is their way in life. Thus, almost all people born on this date progress in their own evolution. However, along the way, many will remain on the sidelines due to their attraction to the esoteric and metaphysical energies with which they can not fully cope. Such individuals walk on dangerous ground when they claim that they master or even understand certain aspects. No matter how big the errors, they are an important part of their development.

Generally, people born on March 13th should refrain from making predictions or even to issue some ideas around individuals in their entourage because they may influence them without realizing the future happenings in their life. So-called prophecies concerning personal achievement can be even for them synonymous with their expectations. However, not only dreams, but nightmares have a way of turning into reality if given too much attention.

Differences with family members and people around you are usually forecasted during a holiday season if you are born on 13th of March. You will need to recognise that you have a dependence and firmness.

You are known to be ruled by day number thirteen, if you are born on the 13th of the month. If you are born on the 13th, your ruling planet is Raahu. You are a knowledgeable person and an avid collector of information of all kind of topics. You are capable of representing a cause.

You can change the society in which you live, you are active in the community, and finally in such a situation your opinion will count in making the public opinion. Strengths include being well informed in social circles. You are an expert orator who can easily influence people. You are even capable of creating a revolution with the power of your speech.

You hold a great personality, always busy helping others, or creating social changes by intense interaction with those concerned.

March 13 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

You are also considered a reliable source of information on a diverse spectrum. In your character and approach you represent the element Earth. Usually you are soft spoken, with a pleasant behavior, you have a very sharp intellect and you are well aware of almost everyone. You are very active in social circles. You love to argue with a different point of view and normally you are very efficient in this. But sometimes you cross your own limits, earning the animosity of others. You can easily make friends, but your friendship is normally superficial with most people and serious with only a few.

You are a serious researcher of life, literature, philosophy, mythologies, and religion. You want to become famous. You always want to enjoy life, and you love high quality food and drink. Most fours are full of emotions and have a soft nature. You are very sensitive, but you forgive people easily. In money matters you have to work hard to get your share.


But you are frivolous in enjoying money. Sometimes you are a shopaholic. You love to keep good collections of many things, especially the ones that excite your intellect. If young you want to enjoy life as much as possible, while at old age you like to spend time with serious research. You always think well, plan well, and only after proper understanding of a matter and being sure to make a profit, you will enter into something. For people born on the 13th, the number of Raahu, the lucky number is 1.

So it is good for you to do anything important on the following days: 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the month. Your unlucky days are 8th, 17th, 26th, 7th and 16th. Also on 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st you may face unlucky surprises. For you, a light blue sapphire is your most favorable gem. The next best choice is that of garnet, with a tone of honey.

March is ruled by Neptune 1sth and Mars 21stst. Being a child of Neptune it means that you live in a dream world and do not show your real face to the world, and this is mostly because your inner world is rich enough to keep you busy.