Ajat oberoi astrology

Kuldeep Singh Kuldeep Singh - freelance photographer in Bollywood. I had bought a new house and had furnished it tastefully but still it was not giving a feeling of wholeness. After we bought the house I met with an accident and before I could recover my husband had to be hospitalized. We had to face many trauma Shamim Shaikh Shamim Shaikh- Home maker. Ajatt Oberoi assisted me in selecting premises and altering the premises according to vaastu and I can definitely say his suggestions made tremendous improvement in my restaurant business.

Customers have constantly commented about delicious fo Rita Menon Rita Menon - Restaurant and food business.

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He came like an angel and solved my problem just by directing her command and since t Vastu could be so affective I only realized after changing the position of my bedroom. There were constant brawls between me and my wife since the time of marriage and one day I consulted Mr. Ajatt Oberoi he advised me to change the location of bed I am running a school in Delhi, but since the start I had been bearing problem like sudden accidents, poor performance of students and consistent changing of teachers in my school.

I got to know about Mr. Ajatt Oberoi and immediately called him to My cousin introduced me with this superb man after being seeking his purely scientific consultation without deconstruction. I was reluctant at the start yet called him to seek help in the wake that if my cousin has benefit then might be I also get I am grateful to Mr Ajatt Oberoi for his profound service he provided me a year ago and for this I am here by writing to him. I have seen completely opposite changes at my place after he gave a consultation a year back and since then we are living Thank you again for Thanks for your vaastu suggestion which has been best to me.

I was having problems like our family health problem, regular visits to doctor of every member of my family. Also money did not hold in the hand unwanted expenditure occurs every time al You are just like a shelter on me as I can't forget your views you have extended to me in my life.

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Your predictions by inspecting my house have gone true and I am happy to find you in my life. Like I wrote you in my letter my life was falling apart, I talked with 2 different numerologists and they both said my vibrations were ok. But I still felt something is just not right.

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After I got your reading you advised me to slightly change my n Mona Paandey Mona Paandey- Dealing in share marketing. I got a new job and moved to another city. I had to break up with people that were making me unhappy. Finally I must say, I met new friends and I feel wonderful. Our marriage al I finally am able to quit my job. I hated working for that company, boss was super annoying prick. I opened my own company 2 weeks ago, and we already have 3 major clients. I really can't say this happened because of numerology, but for 25 years I I changed my name in January and after 3 months I have seen drasticle changes, I have a new well paid job, it is great to work here as the time is also feasiable and I can look after my family.

Thanks Mr Ajatt. I strongly believe it is because of numerology.

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I feel my vibrations are luckier. Before the change I was always depressed, antisocial Ajatt Oberoi is an expert!

My life has improved, I just bought a new car, and it is my dream car things are better at work I must say that I m living a best life ever. Before it was a hell all the decision taken by me were turned to be wrong and Ajatt Oberoi for your help. I must say numerology really works. I feel better and my life seems to be so much different, more positive people are attracted to my energy vibrations.

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Ajatt Oberoi. I was told to change the name for a better vibration. I decide to do so. The result was amazing people were more receptive to me.

The reading I got was dead on. I am very happy with the report. I am very thankful that Mr. Ajatt Oberoi has explained in details how to change my vibrations and improve my life. I have changed my name and I am seeing changes already. I have told many people about this and one of them got a reading here. Preeti Desaii Preeti Desaii- Dealer in property. I can only speak from personal experience the stones that I purchased from you have worked for me.

I can find myself in good health, good mood and socializing with people happily. Raj Jain Raj Jain- Shopkeper. I am totally convinced by your ways of dealings in Kundali. Your special combination of stones has greatly benefited me in my business Arun Shetty- Businessman. I was going through a difficult period in my life financially.

I have started wearing the stones suggested by you this led to a change in fortune for me. Though things didn't change overnight, the effect has been tangible. I wish that this mail be displayed on your site, so that others can benefit from my experience after wearing the stones sugessted by Mr. Ajatt Oberoi I feel strong positive influence helping me in my career and in life in general I have never cons You are wonderful. I have received my stone. I am completely satisfied with my merchandise.

Thank You. Thank you. I m wearing the stones sugessted by you.


Ajat oberoi astrology

I hope you don't mind them. Best wishes to you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very very much. As the stones sugessted by Mr. Ajatt Oberoi we have acquired a house that we always dreamt of. Thank you so much and God bless. I want to say that as per your sugesstion to wear the White pearl with Yellow Sapphire I received a proposal of service to work with a candidate for Mayor, in the elections here in Mumbai. I accepted, worked and received the money for the work.

Anil Deshmukh Anil Deshmukh- Service. I would like to write a few lines, as I am especially thankful to Mr. Ajatt Oberoi because of the wonderful work.