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But in more modest ways, even the most obscure individual is a creature of their particular zeitgeist, their thoughts and drives reflecting the necessities of their native era. Is there any way to tell more precisely how someone is aligned to the zeitgeist? One method is to look at whether you were born close in time to any configuration involving the outer planets. Did you arrive in the midst of Uranus square Saturn?

If so, then take a moment to reflect on how your life has been concerned with overturning conventional attitudes or structures. Or were you born when Saturn was conjuncting Jupiter? If so, then consider how your life has been involved in grappling with systems of religion, law, or morality. For example, is your natal Venus conjunct transpersonal Neptune — as it was for singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell born on November 7, ? Or was your Mercury aligned at birth with Uranus in some way or another, as it was for Benjamin Franklin who was born with an opposition between these planets?

Then, perhaps look to see how your own individual mind has been attuned to the futuristic and innovative trends of the unfolding zeitgeist. In his book, Horoscope for the New Millennium, astrologer E. Alan Meece argues for the lingering effects of that rare once-every-five-centuries conjunction, showing how the horoscopes of various famous figures from the last few decades connect with that pivotal point in history, from John F.

Kennedy to Bob Dylan. Likewise, a great soul can do wondrous things with the planetary potentials offered by their era, just as a less balanced mind can abuse or squander them. Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler were born just days apart, and both were plugged into much the same generational stream and the two of them even looked alike, interestingly enough. Yet, one chose to channel his talent for mass influence into great art, while the other steered it toward unprecedented death and destruction. Chart data and sources : Citizen Kane premiere, May 1, ; p.

Starting time is conjecture, based on published accounts of other New York premieres from that period. All other chart data can be found at AstroDatabank www. His website is www. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 2. Current Planets. Synchronicity and the Mind of God.

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric. All named asteroids.

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All Reports at a Glance. Interesting article, if not a little narrow in terms of exemplifying Christianity as the only cultural and social belief that Westerners are moving beyond and replacing with their own, less structured beliefs about divinity. It seems incomplete to talk about how people are moving away from Christianity, without acknowledging other monotheistic religions, or the patriarchal structure that made them so successful in a per-equality seeking world. I agree that by and large people seek meaning in their lives, and the majority exemplify a spiritual-self that resonates with ideas about religion and the divine that, in some way matches their upbringing.

Except for one thing.

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  4. Maybe that is why he advocated for it? Great article and discussion. Having some kind of stable community presumably brought great advances to our species—language, reasoning, specific inventions. There was probably always a religious component to communities, and then to small communities with their beliefs forming big communities, with some new beliefs emerging. The greens trying to make us suffer for their agenda certainly have a certain amount of religious and pseudo-religious talk to make this work.

    Another argument is that religion reminds us of possible sources of truth that may not be testable by objective evidence or reason. Drug-takers sometimes talk as though achieving the wisdom of a shaman is not difficult—just take the same drugs they take. That there actually might be an alternative source of wisdom is more of a challenge. Even if it did all this, morality and existential questions are beyond the scope of science. But every person needs these frameworks and gets them by adoption, invention or some mix of the two.

    Robin — thank you and you raise a very good point. And if you need them you should have them. The Buddhist tradition is interesting.

    You get to progress through life after life until you become one with the universe. Basically you cease to exist as an individual. Atheists just cut out all the mucking around. I love those mediums who tell us our loved ones are happy and looking forward to reconnecting. They never seem to know what color the wall paper is or what the next arts and crafts project is. But it is again mind boggling.

    Zeitgeist: the nonsense

    How is this possible??? After so many s of years of separation of human tribes in different continents? After Peterson? And this again?

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    Maybe, religion, and myth, and all that metaphysical stuff, tens and tens of thousand years with us, humans, is much more important, and innate, real substance, than all that modern science, enlightenment, technology, traffic rules and what not all! Important for a comfortale life of course, and for material well being, but not more than that! Good article. Well stated. My experience indicates that those with the strongest Faith have often endured long periods of faithlessness and uncertainty.

    From Astrology to Cult Politics—the Many Ways We Try (and Fail) to Replace Religion

    Why do soldiers take refuge in foxholes? Some of the superstitious ones may pray, but they nonetheless know the foxhole is a lot more use than prayer. The best way to stop a fight is to not fight. Another reason his philosophy is a bad way to run a country. I agree with its purpose in pacifism but I am not willing for generations of my family to live in slavery either. We have an example in the US of this.

    Michael Joseph, as a Christian and a veteran, I take great offense with your idea of what serving in the military is and what the definition of what a Christian is. The turn the other cheek stuff never applies to war. Human nature is a vile thing. Bubblecar, what a specious argument. As if , left to their own devices, soldiers dig foxholes. Once you are facing danger, beyond your control, as arty is raining in around you, …. Most do….

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    I have gradually become both more religious and spiritual over the past few years. I found that by making a concious decision to live my life as if I believed and at the same time trying to actually believe despite deep seated doubts, I discovered a transfomative force within myself that feels more like a gift than anything I ever could have deserved.

    As a child I was catechized as a Catholic but stained glass, incense and mystery left me cold and I was unchurched decades. Like you, I began, and still am, faking it hoping to make it. Aristotle had a proof God exists but his proof required he deny that both the ideas of nothing and infinity are possible.

    Zeitgeist: The Movie

    By definition, we can have no idea what God is up. I think that is what Jordan Peterson has been dancing around in his ruminations on the Bible — we know God by examining our collective experience. We know God by examining our collective experience. What does that mean? You have come to believe God exists from examining the collective human experience of war and atrocity since humans learned to write? People started farming, then they started fighting over the land, then they kept records of who owned what, then they wrote their histories and epics.

    Not only is the history full of bloodshed and violence but so are the epics.

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    We take our place in a universe of forces and counter forces only we have the power of thought and foresight. Such as we are, we are the gods. The only reason we have it so good now is because a while ago some folks quit dreaming of the after life and seriously thought about how to organize a society that benefits everyone equally. God died a long time ago but feel free to carry on with the shouting as long as it comforts you.

    My read is that longitudinally, God fearing tribes just do better than tribes led by fools who think that they are a god. The big idea of Averroes, Farris, and of the Averroist school, Middle Ages, but I wonder how long it took before this also became common knowledge in the West.

    source Aquinas see below was still looking for hard proofs of the existence of God, as if the metaphysical and the natural world were simply made up by the same kind of stuff and responding to logical order. Everything from comforting sad friends to explaining the nature of the universe can be improved with the scientific method. Religion creates a paradigm and encrusts it in ritual preventing evolution.