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There are many sites that provide free tarot and horoscope readings, but the best free readings online can be found at the following websites. AstrologyLand not only provides free astrology and tarot oracles, they also have oracles for Runes , the I-Ching , Numerology, and more. AstrologyLand's astrology oracle asks you to select yesterday, today or tomorrow, enter your birthdate, and then with your question in mind hit "Ask the Oracle.

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This report is quite detailed and is your astrological transit forecast. AstrologyLand's tarot oracle is one of the simplest you'll find online. Here you ask your question, select your spread and deck, then click "Ask the Oracle.

The horoscope section of NewAgeStore provides free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. Here you click on your zodiac sign, choose daily weekly or monthly, then choose the overview, love, or career and you'll be given two or three paragraphs of guidance.

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The NewAgeStore also offers a free natal chart, complete with a "Birth Report" that includes interpretations of the planets and houses in your birth chart. The tarot section has nine different tarot layouts, two decks, and two separate interpretations to choose from and does not ask you to write out your question. However, to get free tarot readings you'll need to sign up and log in. In Tarot. While the site only provides about a paragraph of information, it's rather informative and can clue you into the energy of the day.

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You're asked to type in a few words an empty box is provided about the situation and then select three cards. Then click on "Reveal the meaning". At Cafe Astrology you just enter your birth data and select submit and you'll find your personal natal chart information, as well as interpretations of the positions and aspects in your chart.


I always believe we meet the right people at the right time and same with the lovely mesmerising lady of tarot She was lingering around right behind my house since January and I got to meet her finally last week That smile, that elegance The tarot reading was magical The energy in the room, the intensity in her eyes, the truth in her words had me hooked to her May you always be happy and healthy and peaceful Maanya mam Thank you so much for everything…. It helps a lot in terms of planning ahead. Thanks a lot. Hi Maanya, aka Lady of Tarot!

Aryaman is now 4 months old.

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Whenever I look at my bundle of joy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and guidance. I approached you with so many fears n doubts in my head. Talking to you not only calmed me down, but also made me feel confident dt everything will be fine. Thanks for creating so much positivity around me, for all your simple remedies dt helped me to stay confident, positive, n happy during the toughest time. A big n heartfelt thanks to you from me n my family for being a tremendous support n a wonderful friend.

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Beracah Exquisite hand-crafted jewellery that beckons blessings. Blog Reveries on Tarot, Spirituality and living a Magical life. Introduction to Tarot Tarot cards, also known as Tarocchi cards, are a secret language and a secret scripture, a book and an alphabet, a method of highly accurate predictions and a path to higher spirituality.

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