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15 Shocking Facts About Sagittarius That You Didn't Know!

Love and Sex This fiery sign is playful and loves to have fun with their lover s. Passionate, expressive, and willing to try just about anything, partners who are equally outgoing are best. Their love of change and variety can bring a lot of different personalities to the bedroom. Once taken, the Sagittarian is loyal and devoted.

Mates for this sign need to be intellectual, sensitive, and expressive for the best results. Health Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body that is most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Sagittarius are the hips, thighs, and upper legs. Ruling Planet The ruling planet for Sagittarius is Jupiter. Considered the luckiest of planets, it rules wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, growth, morality, prosperity, indulgence, long distance travel, aspirations, sports, and a fondness for animals.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sagittarius In Your Life

The Perfect Gift The best gifts for a Sagittarius are pet-related items or something for the outdoors. Under the influence of the solid and practical Earth element , these three zodiac signs thrive on strength, determination, and practicality, and are at one with the physical world. They are focused and disciplined, eager to get the job done.

Creating a true sense of foundation and security in the world, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the most pragmatic signs of the zodiac. Ruled by the clear and direct Air element , these three zodiac signs embrace truth, conversation, and ideas. They are communicators, mediators, and fighters of truth and justice.

With sharp minds and a real sense of social awareness, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the intellects of the zodiac. These three zodiac signs are associated with the Water element , giving them soft hearts, open minds, and old souls.

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They are lovers and nurturers, and live their lives with a deep understanding of what's happening around them -- the seen and the unseen. Sensitive, soulful, and connected, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the intuitives of the zodiac.

Sagittarius, sun sign

Your "zodiac sign" is so important, but it's just one of the signs that make up YOU! Sagittarius is a born adventurer, and loves solo travel and exploration. Sagittarius also loves exploring the inner workings of their minds, and love stretching their horizons through a good book or movie. Eliminate uncertainty! Click here for a video psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes!

SAGITTARIUS MAN: Understanding Sagittarius Men! ✔

Sagittarius is open-hearted, generous, and big-spirited, but Sagittarius is always truthful. The latter is not true. You can trust a Sagittarius to tell you what they really think.

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You can also trust a Sagittarius, period. In bed and in relationships, Sags are adventurous and giving, able to adeptly try new things or break down barriers.