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With its shining heart of gold, Leo is a loyal lover and a proud and courageous leader. This sign of the Lion embodies an air of royalty, just like the kings and queens of the jungle. Sometimes expressive to a fault, Leo has never been known to keep its feelings hidden! Leo's big heart, warm spirit, and love of laughter make them a joy to be around, and when Leo loves you it's like the Sun has never shined brighter.

Leo's dramatic nature and attention-getting ways can be mistaken for arrogance that turns some people off.

As you blaze through life in all your glory, remember to pay attention to the feelings of those around you. In most Tarot decks, a Lion is featured prominently on this card, representing an obvious relationship with Leo the Lion. This card embodies nature in its most primal form, allowing the Lion to be and to express its true self.

The Strength card is not only about physical strength, but also about strength of heart, mind, and soul. This card reminds Leo to balance its brute force and powerful roar with compassion, generosity, and love. The zodiac sign Leo is represented by the brave and mighty Lion.

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The Lion is known most for its strength and bravery as it rules over the jungle as one of the most powerful animals. The sign of Leo mirrors many aspects of this magnificent and royal feline, like instinct, affection, strength, and bravery. Leo is ruled by the bright and blazing Sun!

The greatest human trait is to hide the deepest emotional desires and fears one experiences. This is the portal of change that cuts us down to the grain and brings us the clean slate we deserve. Every soul deserves to live in true desire and deserves to live without fear.

The only way this will happen is when you stop resisting and release, accept and do not deny the truth. The truth is that you must have the power, the courage and the deep reserves of energy to propel yourself into this portal. Do you have the balls? The ovaries? These are the times. I have been told from family, friends and people to come back to reality. It surprises me to hear this from others that have never experienced the bliss and excitement of the life I have lived.

To be honest, I am here to tell you that your connection to your imagination, your soul and to your infinite heart is FAR more important that the way you handle life in the system that has held you from it. It gives me honor to represent the world as a dreamer that has made my dreams and heart desires come true. As we move into this age you must understand that when you are down and go through this intense transformation that the people you reach out to for help and guidance might bring you the tough love of this reality.

I laugh after the last couple weeks of extreme change I have gone through and remember how special I am. I remember that nobody in this universe has the unique code of what I represent, what energy I possess and the dreams I have accomplished. Sometime it takes a beating from the inside to pick yourself back up and blast your power back into this reality.

It is not about how you blast the power, it is from where you access it.

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The power of self is magic, the power of many self-powered souls is where we change our world into something special. This is the important aspect of love, we must all light the candle. Make sure you help your loved ones, your friends and your twin flame but make sure you carry your load. The load you carry is your self-awareness and your knowledge.

It is your responsibility to awaken, to research and realize this is not the universe you were taught to understand. The power of the universe is not taught at schools but from your own opening of awareness and knowledge. Do not be left in the dark. I leave you with the power of an open mind, the power of self-love and the understanding that you have the power to enter a new reality. Our humanity needs to bond a collective of powerful leaders, not workers. I can not give you the answer to what will happen to the world on December 21 Nobody can.

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Nobody can tell you how the world will experience this time slot of reality. Can we connect the dots of love throughout humanity? I believe we can and it takes more than the workers but everyone to join in. It has taken me multiple times to write this article. It has morphed from one subject to the next. Each new insight being the building blocks of the message I want to deliver today.

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My intention is to only speak truth, to express the viewpoints I have made through research and taping into the energy our universe is communicating. We begin with our bubble. Humanity, Earth and our Solar System are entering the finale to one of the greatest shows our Universe will provide us. As the world that surrounds you advances and becomes more connected to light, we are also going through the same equation inside of our souls.

These last six months provide us with the closure, enlightenment and true connection to the core of who we are individuality and all of us collectively.

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There are numerous news articles that were released in the second week of June describing Voyager 1 and its evolutionary leap for humanity. Until this moment in consciousness and technology, we have always been stuck in the bubble. Our human consciousness has been to the edge of Pluto.

We have telescopes and technology to view outside of our bubble. I view the advances in technology as the external view of what is going on within the collective consciousness. It is this rapid rate of light that has multiplied in rates that are hard to fathom. If we take a look at our world today, light is surrounding us more than ever.

As you sit here and read this article, there is light transmitting through the screen, your cell phone is a bigger screen of light than the last one you had and everywhere you go light is surrounding you more than ever. Inside of your soul your conscious awareness is increasing. What is light?

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Light is information. Light is a higher vibration of knowledge. Light carries life. What is dark? All this business is probably confusing the hell out of you!

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Is it the end of the world? Is it the end of time? Is it just another day? The answer is yes to every question. With all endings come new beginnings. The cycle never ends. The importance of the time we are entering is the evolution of humanity into the next realm. This is the dawning of living in the light, the dawning of leaving the dark bubble we have been stuck in for so long. As we are entering light and expanding rapidly, we are at the strongest point of darkness.

Since we are at the cusp of such great change, comes the surrender to the old and the acceptance of the new. Astrology is a tool, not a religion or a belief. Even though our souls are at the highest vibration ever and technology and science are breaking the code in amazing and high levels, we are forced to deal with truth. The truth is, we are living in a world that is not vibrating with the natural process of our vast universal cycle. This is where the darkness meets the light and in order to do so, we must surrender and live in our true spiritual calling, our true connection to collective consciousness.

This darkness is the weeding out of what does not work in our world and restricts us of our core. It is this part of the cycle where we overcome the blocks and obstacles that get in our way. The history of our world is now compressed into this final last six months. Every period and age is compressing into the explosion that starts December 21 When we reach this point, all of history and time will compress into one. We bring all periods of time and close this chapter combining time coming together as one part of history.

This will be known as the pre-awakening. The true divine calling is to understand who we are, to understand the choice we made of who we are and why we are here. This will be the beginning of our new identity, the beginning of our newest evolution. A new period of time and collection of events that are different from the period we are ending now.

The knowledge coming in is not ready to fully comprehend at this time. We are still buried in the dark but yet so close to the light. These next six months are lining you up to be on your fate train.

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This is the train that takes you into your true self, the core you have not fully met yet. The channel we view our reality has been set to one channel. The channel is set to limit us from our true nature in order to fill the need of the darkness that has been the cycle we have been living in.